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Recycling and environmentally compatible disposal


To an ever larger extent, batteries have become our permanent companions. We ensure their environmentally friendly disposal.

The reuse of the materials contained in batteries is one of the important pillars of environmentally friendly waste management.

The battery regulation deals with all kinds of batteries and chargeable batteries, independent of their shape, weight or use and whether or not they are encapsulated. Some examples:

Portable batteries and rechargeable batteries

We collect and dispose of classical batteries from daily household use. This includes modern lithium batteries for mobile phones and rechargeable notebook batteries, button cells for PCs, watches / clocks, etc.

Industrial batteries

Industrial batteries come in a much wider variety of storage capacity, and their recycling is more difficult. Currently, lead, nickel-cadmium and lithium ion batteries are also still in use.

Batteries and storage battery

High recycling rates

It is not only on account of their toxic constituents that old batteries must not be discarded as part of the residual waste. Today, the return rate of all portable batteries sold in Austria is as high as some 50%, which can therefore be recycled. Depending on the battery type, functioning collection systems and modern treatments for old batteries result in very high recycling rates (over 80 per cent).

Anybody placing a battery on the market in Austria for the first time must comply with the battery regulation: this applies to Austrian producers, importers, and dealers who purchase the batteries directly from abroad.

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