Reporting to the authorities
Collection points throughout Austria
Pick-up service for WEEE
Recycling and environmentally compatible disposal

Photovoltaic equipment

Defective PV modules must be collected and processed in a manner complying with the WEEE Ordinance, as must power stores and power inverters.

The obligations of producers, dealers, and importers

Anybody placing electric and electronic equipment (EEE) – including photovoltaic equipment – on the market in Austria for the first time must comply with the WEEE Ordinance regulation: this applies to Austrian producers, importers, dealers and installers who purchase the equipment directly from abroad. The following obligations must be met:

  • Free-of-charge take-back of defective PV modules (if placed on the market after 30 June 2014)
  • Free-of-charge take-back of defective PV modules (if placed on the market before 1 July 2014) when new modules are purchased as replacements
  • Compliance with the substance prohibitions
  • Compliance with the labelling requirements
  • Registration in the EDM Portal
  • Proper disposal of used equipment
  • Annual report on the modules placed on the market in Austria, and the modules collected and properly recycled.
Extensive UFH service

UFH can take over a large part of these obligations as service provider

We offer producers and importers of, and dealers in, photovoltaic modules a legally compliant solution for the proper disposal of PV modules.

Our services package includes:

  • Reporting to the competent authority
  • Registration in the EDM Portal (electronic data management, reporting platform of the competent ministry)
  • An Austrian network of PV module collection points, where defective or discarded modules can be deposited
  • Pick-up of defective PV modules and power stores
  • Recycling and environmentally friendly disposal
No contact point for end users

For business customers

If you are an end user and want to get rid of a defective PV module, please contact the supplier from whom you have obtained the modules. UFH is a qualified collector but its advisory and informational services on how to handle disposal are limited to domestic producers, importers, dealers, and fitters.

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