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Waste electric and electronic appliances

To keep the circular economy going, electric appliances that cannot be repaired must be properly disposed of. In addition to our own facilities in Kematen, where waste refrigerators are recycled, we cooperate with renowned partners specializing in the best possible methods of disposal, from small mobile phones to large commercial cooling equipment.

Large electrical appliances

We take charge of the collection and recycling of large electrical appliances from dryers to hot-water boilers.

In which categories are large electric appliances classified?

Categorization of large electrical appliances is clearly defined. Under the WEEE ordinance, any appliance whose longest edge exceeds 50 cm is a large electric appliance. For circular devices, the classification is based on the largest diameter (more than 50 cm).

Some examples:
Washing machines, Tumble dryers, Pressing machines, Dish washers, Large heaters, Electric ranges (or just their ceramic glass cooktops), Electronic musical instruments (electric guitars, large keyboards), Boilers and flow heaters

Small electrical appliances

We take charge of the disposal of small electric appliances from mobile phones to vacuum cleaners in an eco-friendly manner.

What are small electrical appliances?

Under the WEEE ordinance, any appliance whose longest (rigid) edge does NOT exceed 50 cm is a small electrical appliance. Flexible hoses or telescopic tubes on vacuum cleaners do not add to the size of the appliance. For circular devices, the classification is based on the largest diameter (more than 50 cm).

Some examples:
Mobile phones, Electric toothbrushes, Vacuum cleaners, Radios, DVD players

Cooling appliances, refrigerators and freezers

UFH operates one of the most modern recycling plants for cooling appliances in Europe and takes care that all potentially harmful cooling agents and propellants are properly disposed of.

Important secondary raw materials can be extracted from discarded refrigerators (as from any other electric and electronic equipment) and reintroduced to the materials cycle.

The cooling appliances and freezer category includes the following devices:
Cooling equipment, Refrigerators, Deep freezers, Wine coolers, Air-conditioning equipment for residential areas, Heat pump dryers, Ice machines

Display screen equipment

We collect and recycle display screens – from old tube monitors to laptop computers in compliance with the highest environmental standards.

Defective or discarded screens must be disposed of in an environmentally compatible manner. If the primary function is that of a display screen and the size of the screen exceeds 100 cm², then the device will count as display equipment. Therefore, a refrigerator with a display will be excluded.

Some examples:
TV sets (tube monitors and flat screens), PC monitors, Control system monitors (plasma, LCD, and LED displays), Laptop computers, Tablet PCs


UFH undertakes the collection and recycling of energy-saving lamps, fluorescent tubes and LED lights on your behalf.

While conventional bulbs and halogen lamps can be disposed of together with the residual waste, so-called gas-discharge lamps and LED lamps must be collected separately.

Some examples:
Energy-saving lamps, Fluorescent lamps, LED lights (retrofit), Mercury and sodium vapour lamps

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