30 years of experience
Origin in the disposal of refrigerators
Know-how for all subfields of waste disposal

The points in our favour

An environmental pioneer and Austrian showpiece company

For over 30 years, UFH has been an Austrian showpiece company in the area of climate protection. The original speciality being the recycling and processing of refrigeration equipment, the UFH-System has seen continuous development. Today, the company collects and treats damaged electric devices, whether large or small, display screens, gas discharge lamps, batteries, photovoltaic modules – and naturally also refrigeration equipment.

UFH’s Board of Directors consists of representatives from all electric equipment categories, thus ensuring that the interests of both the industry and the trade are taken into account in the UFH System.

UFH – the high-quality system in Austria

As UFH customer, your discarded electric and electronic appliances are recycled to the most modern standards – for your own peace of mind. Selected partners make sure that the most stringent quality standards are met. Refrigeration equipment is recycled together with Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH in Kematen / Ybbs, where we operate what is one of the most modern recycling plants for refrigerators and cooling appliances in Europe.

showpiece company

Over 25 years of experience in climate protection

Six reasons that speak volumes for UFH

#1 in terms of quality

UFH is a competent partner and professional provider of collection and recovery services for waste electric and electronic equipment.

Customer proximity

Our customers profit from the clear and transparent rate structure and discountable fees. The web-based reporting tool is designed for easy and intuitive handling.

The latest in recycling technologies

Our recycling plant for refrigerators in Kematen/Ybbs (Lower Austria) is one of the most up-to-date recycling plants in Europe.

Top priority for environmental protection

UFH meets the most stringent requirements for the environmentally friendly and resource-saving collection and disposal of WEEE.

European agent

As one of its services models, UFH offers the services of an authorised representative for suppliers having a non-domestic invoicing address. This does away with a lot of administrative effort.

Active all over Europe

UFH customers benefit from our many Europe-wide partnerships and large network. It gives them access to the disposal systems for WEEE and batteries on a European level.

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