One economy, one cycle, one brand: UFH

For 25 years, UFH has been the leading provider of recycling services with regard to waste electrical and electronic equipment in Austria. With comprehensive service and state-of-the-art recycling technology, UFH has established itself as a reliable partner to the circular economy. This is what the brand new corporate identity and the new website stand for.

The principle of Circular Economy is based on a nearly closed cycle of production, disposal and recycling of raw materials. With over 25 years of experience as a service provider, the UFH ensures the smooth running of this cycle of various partners and systems.

“Through technical innovations it is possible to recycle more and more efficiently and environmentally sound. With its services, UFH contributes to the circular economy and this core message is in the focus of our brand relaunch”, says Marion Mitsch, Managing Director of UFH.

With its Europe-wide service, UFH offers excellent disposal solutions from a single source. In addition to a pick-up service with an efficient logistics system, UFH guarantees recycling at the highest environmental level with Europe’s most modern recycling plant for cooling appliances in Kematen/Ybbs. Close to 95% of the materials contained in discarded cooling equipment is recycled as secondary raw materials. Materials such as aluminium, iron, copper, and plastics are extracted with great care and can be put to use in new products.

In order to reintroduce secondary raw materials quickly and easily into the economic cycle, UFH created the B2B trading platform SECONTRADE in 2018. This ensures simple and safe trading of secondary raw materials.

“The potential of SECONTRADE is enormous and offers even small providers the opportunity of new markets. We want to build on the success of the first year and develop the platform further and make it as user-friendly as possible”, Marion Mitsch points out.

After the start-up phase, the focus lies on the international growth of the platform in order to further facilitate the use of secondary raw materials. This makes SECONTRADE an important component of the circular economy of UFH.

About UFH

UFH Holding GmbH is based in Vienna. The UFH Elektroaltgeräte Systembetreiber GmbH and the UFH Altlampen Systembetreiber GmbH act as collection and treatment systems for waste electrical and electronic equipment, including lamps and batteries. In association with Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH, UFH operates a recycling plant for cooling appliances in Kematen/Ybbs in Lower Austria. With around 40 employees, the UFH Group achieved sales of approx. 10 million euros in 2017 and looked after 986 customers. Furthermore, UFH holds a share in Reclay UFH GmbH, which is active in the packaging market. UFH is a network partner of the Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI).

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