System concept and individual concept for simple handling and full service

Commercial system

Commercial devices are appliances not intended for use in private households. This includes for example cooling equipment for commerce, floor-mounted copying machines and products for large-scale kitchens.

The type and volume concerning commercial devices do not compare with the products used in private household. The dismantling place is normally the place where the waste occurs and/or a device breaks down. Therefore, where commercial devices are concerned, we are talking exclusively of company sites.

UFH offers you as producer of commercial devices two basic systems to choose from:

  • System concept,
  • Individual concept.

How does the system concept work?

At the time of the sale of the product, UFH will charge a fee. At the end of its life, you and/or your customer can deposit the WEEE at one of the UFH collection points without any problem.

Which obligations will UFH assume in the system concept?

UFH will meet all transferable obligations of the producers that result from the WEEE ordinance:

  • free-of-charge take-back of commercial devices (unless otherwise agreed).
    All producers that have placed commercial devices on the market before 13 August 2005 must take back these devices free of charge at least if they are replaced by the producer with an equivalent new device having the same functions as the old product. All products placed on the market after 13 August 2005 must be taken back at any rate.
  • proper reuse and recycling
  • Annual report on the quantities placed on the market to the authorities
  • Annual report to the authorities on reuse and recycling
  • Registration in the electronic data management of the competent ministry

What are my duties as UFH customer?

Despite the wide range of services, certain actions cannot be handled by us. As producer, you must still make sure that substance prohibitions are met and that CE marking  and market monitoring  are ensured.

If you transport electric or electronic devices across a border, you must yourself prove that the devices are functional and usable and are not waste electric and electronic appliances.

In addition to the CE marking, all objects that must not be disposed of together with the household waste must be provided with the symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin.

Producers must provide the operators of treatment or recycling systems with suitable information on the proper disposal. We will be pleased to advise you on this point in the framework of the circular economy.

Handing-in of commercial appliances free of charge

In order to hand in commercial appliances, fill in the release sheet (available at all collection points for commercial equipment).

The individual concept

In contrast with the above-described system solution, you will be liable to payment only as and when you make use of the services under the individual concept. You will be sent an individual, case-related offer and can decide for yourself whether you want us to collect the device at the dismantling point (e.g. in your company). Otherwise, UFH can set up specific collection points for you as manufacturer.

Which obligations will UFH assume?

Only the contractually agreed obligations can be transferred to UFH under the individual concept.

What else is important for me as customer?

To be able to return devices free of charge, you must fill in the UFH Commercial System release sheet, which is available at each of the UFH collection points for commercial devices and can be Freigabeblatt Gewerbe (103 KB) here.

Both under the System concept and the Individual concept, UFH will handle and recycle your defective commercial devices with due consideration of the most stringent environmental standards.

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