Robert Töscher, MSc, MBA

As of July 1st 2020, Robert Töscher has been appointed as managing director of the UFH companies. Previously, he was head of UFH Group’s finances and its authorised signatory. The controller has been employed by the UFH Group since 2011 and was largely responsible for setting up the UFH subsidiary “Secontrade” as its managing director.


Gottfried Korsinski

Gottfried Korsinski, MA

Gottfried Korsinski has been part of the UFH team since October 2015. The controller will be responsible for the management of the UFH Group’s finances as of July 2020.


Michael Hammer, MSc

Michael Hammer has been part of the Customer Relationship Management of UFH since March 2019. He is responsible for customer acquisition and maintaining existing customer relationships.

Mag. Stephanie Zsifkovits

Stephanie Zsifkovits has been a member of the UFH team since April 2020. She is responsible for internal sales as well as for various marketing agendas.

Material Flow Management

Petra Lehner

DI Petra Lehner

Petra Lehner has been working in the field of material flow management since October 2009 and is liaise with the collection and treatment partners.

DI Katharina Mitsch

Katharina Mitsch joined the UFH team in November 2022 as a junior material flow manager.

Ing. Katharina Schwebler

Ing. Katharina Schwebler

Katharina Schwebler has been a member of the UFH team since the summer of 2006. She is active in the field of material flow and data management.

Legal Affairs

Brigitte Reich

Mag. Brigitte Reich

Brigitte Reich has been a member of the UFH team since 2005. She is responsible for all legal matters.

Administration and IT Management

Karl Tröstl

Karl Tröstl has been a member of the UFH team since 2004. He is responsible for administration and IT management as well as the project manager for the reversal of the “refrigerator-sticker”.


Tatjana Palcic, BSc

Tatjana Palcic supports the UFH team since August 2020.

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