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To achieve optimum and far-reaching customer services, we entertain networks all over Europe. UFH can thus offer One-Stop-Shop solutions for WEEE and batteries in Europe.

Through memberships and a large network we support internationally active companies in the electrical and electronic equipment industry in the complex issue of waste recycling. Our customers benefit from having access to disposal solutions for WEEE and batteries at the European level.

The complex, country-specific requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries often are a significant challenge especially for small and medium-sized companies. We offer the best disposal solutions from a single source with our Europe-wide service – thanks to our extensive knowledge of the legal framework in Austria and other important European countries. On behalf of our customers, we optimize and simplify the process of complying with the various different requirements for the disposal of WEEE and batteries in Europe.


Tap into the experience of our partners all over Europe!

Our partners

WEEE Europe

WEEE Europe AG was founded in Munich in 2013. WEEE Europe’s members are the largest and most important disposal systems in Europe. The range of services also includes recycling solutions for batteries.

The goal that we share with the other members of WEEE Europe is to offer producers a uniform solution in the form of a single-source one-stop shop for easy and efficient compliance with their reporting duties.

A specially developed reporting tool significantly simplifies the process of product allocation to over 100 different subcategories. It enables uniform, automated reporting of the number of units sold to all WEEE Europe partners based on a single IT system. Most importantly, it provides online dealers with a cost-effective tool to meet the complex challenges of the different national regulations.

Please contact the UFH Team to learn about further capabilities that our internationally active company has to offer. Further information on our partners is available at Netzwerk-Seite.

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