Trading secondary raw materials.
Simple and risk-free

Digital Marketplace SECONTRADE

Our vision is to use raw materials in an ecologically and economically responsible way along the entire value chain. With our subsidiary, SECONTRADE, we are getting closer to this goal. The digital marketplace SECONTRADE is a B2B trading platform for buying and selling high-quality secondary raw materials. Metals, plastics, glass as well as construction waste, wood waste and biogenic residual materials can be marketed via the platform – regionally, throughout Austria and in Europe. By returning recyclable materials to the economic cycle, we actively contribute to climate and environmental protection. With UFH as a strong partner in the background, SECONTRADE brings together providers and buyers of valuable raw materials.

Making secure raw material trading easy

SECONTRADE supports providers and buyers of all types of secondary raw materials in trading their materials easily, quickly, and securely. With just a few clicks, new markets can be opened, and recycling opportunities can be found that harness the full potential of the European secondary raw materials market. This ensures better return on investment, rapid turnover of goods, and delivers raw materials where they are needed.

Key benefits:

  • additional digital distribution channel for secondary raw materials across Europe
  • easy and cost-free registration, fee-free creation of sales auctions
  • clear documentation and central location management
  • efficient and fast turnover of secondary raw materials
  • reduction of storage costs

For more information on registration, creating trades, and bidding on secondary raw materials, please visit

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