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Circular Economy

The principle of the circular economy is based on a near-closed cycle, from production to disposal and re-use of materials. With our over 30 years of experience in climate protection, UFH is the service provider to ensure that the different partners and systems work in a trouble-free chain. Promoting circular economy translates into better use of resources instead of depleting them further. Your contribution to proper disposal is a first step toward a sustainable future.

Ease of collection

Only if defective electric appliances, batteries, lamps, etc. are collected and recycled professionally can they be reasonably reused. To make this as easy as possible, there are over 2 300 collection points across Austria. An efficient logistics system additionally provides a pick-up system for waste appliances from commercial enterprises.

Maximum recovery rate

What follows is a treatment process that takes place at the highest environmental standards. Together with its Austrian partners and a Europe-wide network, UFH takes care of a professional recycling process. Using the latest in equipment, UFH can today recycle over 90% of refrigerators – to name but one example. This careful recycling process yields high-quality raw materials, which are then offered for sale via the trading platform.

Consulting activity for industry

In a functioning circular economy, producers must also play a part. UFH supports many customers in their product development and design, the goal being to produce appliances that are easier to repair and with a considerably improved recyclability.

Thus, helped by our services, resource-efficient appliances are produced with a sustainable effect.

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